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I work with individuals who are seeking more purpose, passion, and adventure in their lives. Individuals who are ready and willing to take action in their desire for a happy life, with No regrets, in accomplishing a life well lived! Workshops or one-to-one sessions are available.

I also work with Businesses, Corporations, and Organizations that recognize the value of investing in their employees personal development, health and happiness. Employee benefits are increases sense of personal purpose and passion, with organizational benefits including: fewer sick days, reduced health insurance costs, reduction in turnover rates, and increased productivity Workshops and/or Lunch and Learns available. Happy and healthy employees are good for business.

Each program and workshop are designed using leading edge technology and methods, based on the most up to date neuroscience, as well as, design thinking strategies! Book your free discovery session at kathy@kathybazinet.comĀ (sessions available in person, by phone 519-591-1153, or Skype).